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How do I do this on iPad?

I can‘t find the „Save Selection“ button to save the selection as an .afselection-file.

On the Mac the procedure is as follows:

  1. With a pixel selection in place, from the Select menu, select Save Selection.
  2. Adjust the dialog settings as required.
  3. Click Save.

Many thanks for your reply!

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Hi DM1,

thanks for your answer, which was exactly what I was also looking for.

But when I created the Spare Channel, where do I find the Save Selection button?

In Ver, there is nothing for saving under the three button menue for the Spare Channel (See pic, unfortunately in German).

Any idea from anyone?

Thanks, GBert


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Once you have created the spare channel it is saved automatically with the file (.afphoto). When you want to use the selection again, just go to channels studio, select the previously created selection channel and tap the three dots then select 'Load to Pixel Selection' (or to another channel if that is what you want to do). Probably helps to renamame the Selection channel too. :)

IPad Pro 10.5 512GB iOS 12.1 Affinity Photo Affinity Design

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