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Replacing Linked Images and Changing Page Size

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AffPublisher promises to be a fantastic layout software. The Affinity team has done a great work and I look forward to purchasing it when it is ready, as I have already done with APhoto and ADesign. 

I still have some problems with automatic image replacing, although the images I have used on the layout were linked and not embedded. Sometimes it does a great job, even replacing seconds after I have edited it and saved on my art program. Other times it doesn't happen until I manually replace them.

I also had some difficulty changing the pages size in the program once it had already been done in the document set up. I had to make changes one page at a time because changing the size of the  master and applying them to the pages didn't cause the pages to change. I am sure all this will be sorted out on the final version. 

Thank you again and keep up the good work.

Windows 10 64 Bit

Intel Core i5 -4210U CPU @1.70 GHZ

Intel HD Graphics Family

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