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I am very new to this arty game, but I am learning.

I am using Photo on both iPad and Windows, swapping between the two on the same project mostly out of interest.

I am loving both, but the iPad has some advantages which I would love to see on the desktop version.  I am using it with a Huion KAMVAS GT-191 and pen, so in a similar way to using the iPad. (though I can spin it around quite so easily!)

Note: This project (below) is a simple paint job, though I am using a couple of curves for layout.

Brush Toolbar

On the iPad, having the pen-orientated toolbar at the bottom of the screen is wonderful - very intuitive and quick. I would love to see an optional version of that for the desktop.  It would speed me up, not just for colour selection, but brush size and so on. 

Bigger Colour Wheel

Is there a way of increasing the size? On my Huion it is small (and I have old eyes!) and not so nice to use.  On photoshop I tended to use the colour box and slider, but that is small on Photo too.

Show/Hide Pixel Selection

I use this a lot on the desktop, but is there an equivalent on the iPad version? I can't find it and it helps me mucho!

Rotate Canvas

On the iPad, I can spin it around easily to help me draw.  My Huion is a little heavy for that!

Rotating the canvas using view > rotate is not exactly quick.  It would be wonderful to have a kind of pen-friendly trackpad, perhaps as part of the Navigator panel where I can spin it around happily. 


Anyway, just a few thoughts - I am sure these have all been covered a billion times already. Loving this more and more.  I stlll have photoshop, but I am using it less.  Mostly for legacy files with multiple artboards (which I would love to see on Photo) and because of the Asset Library.





On a fun little learning curve with Affinity. Or a vector curve. One of the two. Just a writer learning to draw.

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