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What I really hate on Affinity Photo!!

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  •  you cannot save a preset for all adjustments and details made in your project. Each tab is threated separately :-(
  • presets you save do not store the whitebalance :-(
  • presets you save does ignore checkmarks you set in the adjustments (e.h. whitebalance) :-(
  • overall: brush sizes etc. you select are not stored - they a all reset all the time once you switch tback and forth the tools :-(
  • painful: if I want to close Affinity Photo while developing a RAW picture, I don't want to be forced to cancle Developing first and then again hit X again to exit the program and then again being asked to save my work. If I hit X, I want to select, yes.... terminate everything. Done. Why is developing RAW handled that stupid?


Please, Affinity... fix it.
Thank you.


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