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Suggestions for Export Persona—AD

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Lately, I've been using export persona more often due to a project I've been developing.

So, I thought it would be more useful than it ended up being. The slices help a lot, but I had to click hundreds of time to assign the same profile to a lot of slices, and I see no reason for an export persona not being optimized to make things faster.

#1 - I couldn't duplicate any slice. Duplicating the slices created with the slice tool, allowing me to simply move it around to another part of the canvas, keeping the export settings, would be great.

#2 - there's no way to batch rename or batch set a multiplier to the slices' size. I had lots of slices and had to: click, rename, click the arrow, click to type, type "5x", and, then, go to the next slice. The only batch process I could find was changing the format.

#3 -  why do the slice made from a vector with an adjustment layer inside ends up being giant? If I have a simple square and make a slice from it, it'll keep the proportions. If I have the same square inside a group, and, inside this group, there's an—let's say—recolor adjustment layer, my slice goes giant.

By the way, I'm not here to complain. If I'm wrong in any claim above, please, correct and teach me how to do it properly. I just wanna keep the work flowing with less brute force.

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I agree the above requests will definitely save time.

In addition to that, I would request to add a group / folder feature to slices panel in the export persona. I understand there is a layer panel but sometime it's easy to group manually created slices from different layers. If possible to export the slices within that group/folder by just 1 click then it would be awesome.

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I would add the ability to bind layer visibility to slices. Something like the layer compositions in Photoshop. So that you can select which layers are visible for a special slice. For another slice that covers the same area there could be other layers visible. This way it would be easy to export alternative versions of a design without having to place the alternative designs as copies on other artboards or in differents files.

And snapping could be improved, too. Slices should snap to object bounds. At the moment it's quite complicate to make a slice that's the exact size of two objects if these two objects are in different groups or layers or not grouped at all.

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