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Sizing and Aligning Construction Guides

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Hi, Affinity community,

Can you accurately size construction guides in the new beta? I'm running version and as you can see in the attached image, drawing construction circles by hand is not accurate. I tried multiple times to align a construction circle with a circle and failed every single time. I feel like I should be able to adjust construction circle size through the Transform panel for pixel-perfect accuracy. Also, I cannot seem to find a way to resize or delete construction circles. Guides Manager doesn't even identify them, and the Backspace button doesn't do anything while the guide is selected. Shouldn't I be able to delete guides the same way I can delete any other objects? Any help would be much appreciated.


Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 14.38.37.png

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It might actually be another problem. It looks like Affinity Designer is drawing marginally different circles and that' why they don't match. I traced their paths all around the diameter and noticed that all of the anchor points actually align but the paths between those anchors do not. 

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Hi Robcis,

Construction Guides are quite new and something we're planning to add a lot more functionality to. I imagine the ability to further edit them when placed is something that will come in time. With regards to deleting them this can be done by holding down Ctrl (or RMB for Windows) and clicking on the shape's cross hair.

With regards to the circles being different, this is because the drawn geometry is based on Bezier curves and lines, which doesn't give a 100% perfect circle, but something that is more than adequate without the need for complicated maths that would greatly affect the performance of our application. However the construction circles are mathematically correct (to provide accuracy when finding intersections and such), so you will see these slight inaccuracies.


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