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Resize multiple layers into a given width

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I've got many logos of varying size scrambled across the document. What I'd like is to have them spread into one vertical column, at equal width (all maintaining their aspect ratio). I can do it manually by enabling snapping and placing two big rectangles parllel to each other, placing each logo on the inside and resizing it until it snaps on each rectangle... but it's kind of ridiculous if this is the only way, I imagine there must be something more automatic (and precisse).




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Unless you specifically want your Logos to remain vectors and without knowing exactly how your document is structured it's hard to advise accurately but this is one method that may work.

Use the Export persona to export all your Logos (Layers/Groups?) as images

Specifying just the one default width you want for all the images (the height will be proportional).

Then File > Place all the exported images (your Logo's) into a document and use the Arrange commands to align them neatly in one vertical column

Due to the ongoing Brexit negotiations, punctuation, spelling and grammar will be used sparingly until further notice.

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