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Relative to TOP MARGIN = 0 Start Position

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Baseline Grid: Relative to TOP MARGIN = 0 Start Position
Let the Baseline guides visualisation behave like in InDesign.

It is very confusing and an unnecessary visual clutter that the baseline guides are visualised outside of the Margins.
That's not what Book and Magazine Designers want and expect if the Baseline Grid is set to: « Relative to TOP MARGIN = 0 Start Position ».

At least add a checkbox the allows the user to hide the baseline guides outside of the TOP and BOTTOM MARGINS (Type Area).

Check how InDesign handles the Baseline Grid visualisation if set  Relative to TOP MARGINS (see attached PNG).
InDesign shows the baseline guides only inside the Type Area.
That's exactly what Magazine and Book designers want and expect for the setting «Baseline Grid: Relative to TOP MARGIN = 0».


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