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Designer Beta 1.7 couple of bugs

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Just a quick report of bugs as I didn't have much time to test it.



I have imported an .ai file to change some text and although the text was alright on the .ai file, When I export in PDF the text becomes random letters.

generating .eps doesn't show any problem. The PDF export is the standard "PDF for export" preset.

Also the subsequent .afdesign file isn't recognized by the standard Designer software (the regular, stable



Windows 10
XP pen graphic tablet

Datacolor Spyder 4

Affinity Designer/Affinity Publisher ß/Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom/Inkscape

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Saved files from newer version programs never open the same in older versions,due to unsupported features or rewritten code.

Win10(1809)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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