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How do I create a custom solid brush in Designer for the IPad Pro?

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I know how to create a raster based brush that can be used in the Vector Persona of Designer for the IPad Pro  

What I want to do is essentially make a brush out of a vector shape or set of strokes.  Is there a way to take a set of individual strokes (see attached image) and make them into a new brush that scales and stretches as I draw? Like a typical vector brush found in Illustrator. I don’t want to have to convert this to a jpg, then slice it, then bring it back in as a New Textured Intensify Brush.


Can I make a new custom Solid Brush?  I just want a clean black shape exactly like the image attached as a brush. Is that possible? It can be done in .AI no problem. I realize this isn’t .Ai but I was hoping there is a way to do it. 





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Ok I figured it out. 


To get the effect I wanted I just created the vector shape with the pencil tool. Used a white stroke with a black background so I could see what I was doing and the white allows for colors to be changed. Made a slice of the shape group, exported it out as a PNG-24 to a folder on the iPad. Then brought it in as a new textured brush into a newly created brush set in the Vector Persona. For some reason I wasn’t getting this result when I tried this a billion times earlier. Obviously I was doing something wrong  only took 5 hours to figure it out.


What a bizarre way of doing it. But I guess it makes sense since Designer is so intertwined with vector and raster graphics. 

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While Adobe Illustrator supports pure vector brushes, this isn't the case with Affinity Designer. Too bad because I'm trying to migrate an InDesign document to Publisher and the embedded solid vector brushed in AI are converted to bitmaps in Designer.  I've tried every way to construct a custom Solid Brush but Designer requires saving the brush design to a PNG file first, hence bitmap, and the pure vector is lost.

Looks like I'll have to create an SVG image of the Illustrator brush stroke and import it. That's not a useful way to move ID publications to Publisher.

Serif... please add support for Solid Brushes with pure vectors. (SVG)


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