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  1. I am having the same problem! Designer has started to slow down. Now It is becoming increasingly difficult to save my projects in the cloud and Designer is starting to crash. I can’t figure out what the problem is. I looked in the settings at it showed that Designer was somehow taking up 212gb of 128gb. I’m not sure how to fix this problem. I’m wondering if anyone has figured out what the problem is and how to fix it?!?! FIXED!!!!!!- The problem is too many projects “saved” or stored within Designer itself I deleted and reinstalled the app which deleted all of my ope
  2. What about the second part to the question? Is the desktop version workbook applicable to the IPad version of Affinity Designer?
  3. It looks like the Affinity Designer Workbook is offered at a discounted price. I only use the IPad version of Affinity Designer. Is this Workbook applicable to the IPad version of Affinity Designer? Is it worth purchasing if I don’t use the desktop version?
  4. If you happen have Illustrator on your desktop but want to create on the iPad with Designer and the ultimate goal is to separate out all of the colors using illustrators Merge tool (which Designer does NOT have). Just export the “finished” illustration to your desktop via ICloud as an EPS file then open it in Illustrator and you can finish the illustration correctly using the Merge tool to be able to have it ready to be screen printed. I’m replying to my own posts in case some other person who is in the same boat as me comes across this.
  5. Is there any way to merge shapes the same way one would in AI via the Pathfinder toolset for Designer on the IPad Pro? I don’t want to use the Add tool and make everything one shape and I don’t want to Break all of my shapes up by using the Divide tool. I want to merge from the top down. Where the shapes above define the shape below it. Any help would be appreciated. Essentially I want to prepare a file to be ready to silk screen. I want to be able break out shapes based on their color. Is that possible? see the attached images. As an example.
  6. Ok I figured it out. To get the effect I wanted I just created the vector shape with the pencil tool. Used a white stroke with a black background so I could see what I was doing and the white allows for colors to be changed. Made a slice of the shape group, exported it out as a PNG-24 to a folder on the iPad. Then brought it in as a new textured brush into a newly created brush set in the Vector Persona. For some reason I wasn’t getting this result when I tried this a billion times earlier. Obviously I was doing something wrong only took 5 hours to figure it out. What
  7. I know how to create a raster based brush that can be used in the Vector Persona of Designer for the IPad Pro What I want to do is essentially make a brush out of a vector shape or set of strokes. Is there a way to take a set of individual strokes (see attached image) and make them into a new brush that scales and stretches as I draw? Like a typical vector brush found in Illustrator. I don’t want to have to convert this to a jpg, then slice it, then bring it back in as a New Textured Intensify Brush. Can I make a new custom Solid Brush? I just want a clean black shape exac
  8. Hello, is there any possibility that a future update for Designer will allow for the user to control the smoothing on a newly created line or fill? As an illustrator it is VERY important to be able to have what I draw get accurately reflected when I lift up the pencil. Currently Designer is making that decision for me (not cool). It feels like a program of this caliber should be able to offer the user that level of control. I would love to be able to turn smoothing off so I can actually draw what I am intending. Is there a possibility that that will be implemented in a future update? Al
  9. Is there any plan to allow the ability to merge shapes a la the Unite/Pathfinder tool in AI? so far the only workaround that I can see is to save the file. Open it and edit in Illustrator using the Pathfinder tool. Then bring it back into Designer. Is there some other way to merge multiple shapes into just one? Thank you best, C’
  10. Hello I was prompted to fill out a feature request based on a review of Designer for IPad on ITunes. The Eraser. It it would be great to have a dedicated vector based eraser. One that edits shapes just like the eraser in illustrator. I understand why you have the pixel based eraser masking option. It’s cool. But it doesn’t actually allow me to edit my vector based shapes. And the workaround for splitting vectors with a line is cumbersome and awkward, and not what I am looking to do. All I want to do is clean up a weird shape edge here and there. No need to reinvent the wheel,
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