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Save and close multiple files

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Hey everyone!

I have a lot of files (right now, 128, but there will be a lot more) from Procreate that need minor editing. I would like to save all .pngs flattened and close all files at once, since at the moment, this takes just about the amount of time that I need for actual editing.

It would be great if there was a way to save multiple files in the same manner (for example, flattened) and (or) close them with discarding any unsaved changes.

Best wishes,

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Mega-ditto.  I edit photos after a photo shoot.  I might have hundreds of photos that I am editing.  Handling photos one-by-one opening is a deal killer.  Lightroom CC on the iPad allows you to place photos in albums and you can see them in a strip at the bottom of the screen.  When you want to export multiple photos you click on the first one and then shift-click on the last one and you've selected every photo you need.

Affinity Photo seems to have started as being a Photoshop clone and morphed into trying to be a Lightroom clone.  For people like me who work with many photos at once, Affinity Photo needs to adopt more of Lightroom's goodness and innovate from there.


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Four years later, this is still a huge shortcoming, resulting in countless uselessly wasted hours of work. Just simple "Save all" and "Close all" buttons would suffice. Not even multiple selection necessary then. Having the buttons transform to "Save selection" and "Cöose selection" if muliti select was a thing, that'd just be the icing on the cake.


Just to compare to a two step procedure of

- Save all and

- Close all

, I have to, for each of hundreds of files individually

- Open file menu

- Select Save

- Wait for Save

- Open file menu

- Select Close

- Confirm Close

- Wait for files to rearrange

That's 7 steps per file.

When you have 500 files, that's 3500 steps instead of 2.

Or, in other words, 1749 times needlessly complex.

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