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Layers - Opinion

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After some days with Affinity Designer, I began feeling comfortable. The work with swatches and path tool is doing okay.

But I do not understand the failed appproach to Layers. Each object I create, each path, is on its own layer. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Then I have to go on and nest them into a sub group, and the whole mess of hundreds of layers is inside there and when I edit one path, it all opens inside the layer pallete to go to that layer. FOR WHAT? This is insane, honestly.

The only way how to come about this, is to ignore them. I put the layers palette away and just treat the handling exactly like Grouping (as I was used to in FreeHand). Funny thing, in the layers menu, they are also called groups and grouping, ungroup. Lucky me that even in FreeHand, I rarely used layers, so I am not really missing it. But the fact is: Affinity has a Grouping function that is named wrong and is missing useful layers.

Yes, I am aware there can be created a real layer and then all the object-layers go into it. Imagine I am doing dozens, hundreds of objects, as usual. Get a long long list, completely useless. But I can not just close the real layer and be done with it. It opens every time a new thing is created.

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