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Select all rectangles or select all text

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I regularly import pdfs from libreoffice into Affinity. Libreoffice is required for the data entry and statistics side of things. I then move over to affinity to beautify the result... mainly adding drop shadows and outlines to the text to make it easy to read and I do this because Affinity Photo has way more granular control of drop shadows than a spreadsheet program (no surprises there).

I then want to select all text but not any rectangles that have been added, so that I can apply the drop shadow and outline.

After that I want to select all rectangles and apply an outline and rounded corners to them

Having a way to select all objects of the same type would help me out and save me a lot of time clicking the first piece of text in the document and then scrolling and scrolling and scrolling and scrolling ...... and scrolling until I click the last piece of text in the document.

I do not want all the text to be in one frame (I may have to move a few words slightly) and even if I do group lines of text Affinity doesn't group them as I'd expect them to be grouped, so grouping text doesn't work for me.

It's possible to select everything that's a specific colour, so why not all text or all rectangles (or simply all objects as opposed to text?)

This would be a big bonus for me.

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