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one street tree three way

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 I often walk past this tree and always thought at the right time there was a photo there . Cloudy day worked well . The background was made from the top of the right hand side image

What was going to be one of my quick edits but turned into a bit more ; again 
original files masked out with the Selection brush mostly >> top of tree was blurred several time while being rotated this way and that
Copy/paste the tree images with layers onto the blurred background >some more masking >> lot of  moving images around to get something that looks balanced 
Should have put it away for a day or so at least before sharing -- can be amazing what will be seen and notice with fresh eyes -- A mentor of mine; Peter Eastway said he and staff would often look at his main composition images for a month or two; or more before considering the photo to be as perfect as possible .  That's why he is a  master; or maybe it's grand master several times over of photography. If you fly QANTAS his photos are used in the magazines --- good job; being flown to all parts of the world to take photos  and then getting paid a lot for them -- worth googling ;)
As always, honest comments (CC) and questions welcome 

Fz300 panasonic -- I'm currently rekindling my love affair with my little mate Pana :lol: 

201811  03832-1-2.jpg

201811  03832.jpg

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