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I want to suggest a feature I think will be great for all of us Affinity users. You see I've been an Astropad user for a while and also use Screens app as well and then I was thinking why no developer has come up with an idea of mirroring an app or remote control an app from a device to a desktop one. I mean having an iPad version and a Desktop Version that basically are not compromised and are in their full potential with just Wifi or Bluetooth or even usb connected whatever you do in your iPad is happening realtime in your desktop app. I'm not talking about watching your desktop app in your iPad as Astropad does (that even working is kind of annoying needing another interface to use your app) I'm talking like controlling your desktop app with your iPad app. 100% accuracy and no extra interface to master a way to get to your goal. Connecting your apps together will revolutionize the industry and I know you are capable of that kind of innovation. Just think about it.

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