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Giving up... Tool options big problem

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OK, I've given Affinity for ipad a good try now.

I've gone from super happy, totally impressed to now getting ready to dump this app as it is useless and frustrating to use for drawing and annotation. The main reason I bought it.

I simply need to mark precise colored lines onto various layers that overlap a base map. Every frigg'n time I select a color like bright yellow and start to draw, the app switches to eye dropper mode to change my color.  AHHHHHHHHHH  I HATE THIS and it's driving me crazy.

Unless someone knows how to stop (or better yet increase the auto-option enable time by 5 - 10X ), I'm done!!!

Really unfortunate as the app already has all the tools and interface in place to be awesome. If this ever gets fixed and I will get the new version.

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