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  1. OK, I've given Affinity for ipad a good try now. I've gone from super happy, totally impressed to now getting ready to dump this app as it is useless and frustrating to use for drawing and annotation. The main reason I bought it. I simply need to mark precise colored lines onto various layers that overlap a base map. Every frigg'n time I select a color like bright yellow and start to draw, the app switches to eye dropper mode to change my color. AHHHHHHHHHH I HATE THIS and it's driving me crazy. Unless someone knows how to stop (or better yet increase the auto-option enable time by 5 - 10X ), I'm done!!! Really unfortunate as the app already has all the tools and interface in place to be awesome. If this ever gets fixed and I will get the new version.
  2. Problem: With my fire fighting pre-plan work I need to carefully draw one of 4 colors over top of property images from Google Earth. I also need to select various pre-made objects like Gas and Propane symbols located on 40 layers. 1 - When I try to precisely begin to draw a yellow fence line for instance, too often the tiny pause I make while carefully positioning my stylus gets interpreted as an automatic color picker and my yellow color disappears. I have to reselect the particular yellow all over again, and again. Very frustrating and needlessly slows my work down! 2. A similar thing happens when I select an object on a layer like a fire hydrant to relocate. Suddenly a whole different layer might get selected and moved accidentally which can ruin the map. Ultimate Fix: Create a preference menu where each of the tools can have that option turned off, or the hold and pause time for auto/option can be adjusted Easy Fix: I'm sure this can be done in just an hour or two and would make a massive improvement to the interface. Just add one preference for now globally where a user can select how long or short the delay is which evokes the auto/option for Affinity in general. A fast or slow slider or just a drop down- 0.1 sec, 0.2 sec... The auto/option trigger delay is already part of your programing. You just need to add a small routine where the user can change the timing. cheers and I really hope this happens soon. Affinity is perfect otherwise! btate
  3. Thanks Callum. That’s an unfortunate behaviour but I understand. My fire plans also use about 40 layers and a similar gesture when moving objects will move unintended layers and can easily misalign all my work. Hopefully a preference panel will be added soon where we can customize these settings. Then Affinity would be 100% perfect!
  4. I've just started using Affinity for ipad and am impressed!!! One of my uses is to take my ipad out to various residential properties to create fire fighting pre-plans by sketching on top of property images captured by Google Earth. I use a small selection of colors to indicate the degree of danger- red for hydro lines, gas, propane tanks- yellow for less dangerous obstacles like fences and heavy bush etc... The paint tool way too often decides to switch to the color picker mode right when I'm carefully starting to place my colored line. Please is there a way to shut the auto picker off? Thanks
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