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Hi there,


I've been testing affinity photo for 3 months now. had to stop for some time because of buggy behavior of previous versions. Since I am editing photos on a daily basis using photoshop, I cannot afford much distraction or slowing down of my regular editing workflow. So I test the app here and there. It still takes me twice the amount of time to edit a picture using Affinity photo compared to photoshop.


This is not about the quality of this app. I have high regard in it and I hope to replace all my adobe products with these programs in the near future! I am sure my workflow will become faster the more frequently I use this app.


One thing that came up today was the existence of a filter that somewhat mimics photoshops "median" functionality. I sometimes have a shape that I want to smoothen a little. I do that with the median filter.


How can this be achieved?

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