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help please

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I am just getting started with affinity and I can't find the in painting brush in my panel. Could anyone tell me where to find it and  how to add it to my panel please. 

Thank you in advance

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Assuming you're using Affinity Photo (which is the only Affinity application that has that brush, I believe) it is normally part of a group of related brushes. In the Tools you might see any of these icons. If the InPainting tool is not the one that's shown, click on the gray triangle to get the popout and then you can select it:


-- Walt

Windows 10 Home, version 1809, 16GB memory, Intel Core i7-6700K @ 4.00Gz, GeForce GTX 970
Affinity Photo and Beta       / Affinity Designer 1.6..5.123 and Beta    / Affinity Publisher Beta

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