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Incorrect file name Affinity Publisher Beta

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- run "Affinity Publisher Public Beta"
- create a new document
- draw one circle
- "File > Save > Filename "Document2018", automatically added ".afpu ", document saved with file name "Document2018.afpub" = OK
- "File > Save > Filename "Document2018.01", automatically added ".afpub", document saved with filename "Document2018.01.afpub" = OK
- end "Affinity Publisher Public Beta"
- run "Affinity Publisher Public Beta"
- open document with filename 01 "Document2018.01.afpub"
- "File > Save As"
- filename is "Document2018" and is without ".01" = ERROR
I use file numbering at work and that's why I discovered it :)

Beta testers, please try to see if you have the same problem.

Affinity Publisher Beta / Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


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