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I'm  a new user of Affinity designer .And I'm pretty satisfied with the program.a lot of pro's 

GOOD! program,considdering the price .

I've been working with Photoshop for a few years now ,but I have to that this program has a lot of benefits 

But I would love to see  the   Ruler to be able to zero out anywhere I would like within the file .

this works alot easier then how it works at the moment 

And I agree with alot of people  that  holding the space key /or ctrl etc.  while drawing , you can reposition and/ orexspand a object from the inside

would also be alot easier in workflow .

and also that the measurement units with the text or font tool could be changeable in mm, cm, inches or whatever

Ihope I dont ask too much ,


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I agree with IDMWALAYDWIA, being a long-time Corel user (yeah, I know...) they have a very efficient way of changing the zero ref of the guides to any place on your drawing, just go to the left top of the guides and drag this corner to where you like, e.g. let it snap to the left top of the rectangle you are drawing and use this to exactly draw the size you had in mind. I want to get rid of Corel completely, but I hesitate. Because I do quite a few technical documentation stuff this would help alot.

I may have missed something similar is possible in Designer but did not find it.




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