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    I Drew a Poop Monster!

    looks great !it even looks suspiciously like "SPONGE BOB"being dead for a week !
  2. I'm a new user of Affinity designer .And I'm pretty satisfied with the program.a lot of pro's GOOD! program,considdering the price . I've been working with Photoshop for a few years now ,but I have to that this program has a lot of benefits But I would love to see the Ruler to be able to zero out anywhere I would like within the file . this works alot easier then how it works at the moment And I agree with alot of people that holding the space key /or ctrl etc. while drawing , you can reposition and/ orexspand a object from the inside would also be alot easier in workflow . and also that the measurement units with the text or font tool could be changeable in mm, cm, inches or whatever Ihope I dont ask too much , BUT IT WOULD MAKE ME AND ALOT OF PEOPLE VERY HAPPY! yeah