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    Booklet option

    Gentlemen, this is a doddle in Designer. I produce such things all the time; set the job up as an A4 landscape, set up a guide at 148.5 cm, set up the borders and bleeds you need on each side, save it as 'Template' , open 'Template' and use 'Save as' to call it whatever you want. When you've finished each spread, save it, then Select All, then delete it; then 'Save As' and carry on with the next spread. I've attached a 4 page A5 brochure layout; for an 8 page you would have pages 8 and 1 for the outer, and pages 2 and 7 backing it up, then 6 and 3, then 4 and 5. demo 4pp inner.afdesign demo 4pp outer.afdesign
  2. Eric Jervis

    Imposition of pages

    I once produced a book using PageMaker, which had a very useful command; Build booklet. One click and it imposed all the pages correctly. Another useful command was: Save for service provider, which assembled all that was needed into one file, to hand on a floppy disc to the bloke who produced the negatives from which the plates were produced.
  3. Eric Jervis

    Step and Repeat

    I had expected to find step and repeat in Designer, but its absolutely essential in Publisher.
  4. Eric Jervis


    PageMaker was like that.
  5. Thank you from me too, that's something that's been annoying me.
  6. Eric Jervis

    Guide lines

    What I do after saving a page is to select all then delete it, and selecting 'save as' as the next page.
  7. Eric Jervis

    Imposition of pages

    I've just made my first project in Publisher, a four page brochure A4 folded to A5. Much to my surprise it did not show me the spreads I expected to see; e.g. I expected to be looking at pages 4 & 1, 2 & 3. Instead I got page 1 A5, pages 2 & 3 on A4 landscape, and page 4 A5. They can't be printed out like that as only the centre pages will be correct. I could work around it but surely if the program is to used by printers it should show us what we are used to looking at? By the way, Herojas 93 seems to have his imposition wrong, with all the even pages on the right instead of the left.
  8. Eric Jervis

    How to uninstall AfD

    Thanks v_kyr, I'll have another go in the morning, but the problem is Apple messing about and refusing to recognise me and giving me instructions in some bloody foreign language!
  9. Eric Jervis

    How to uninstall AfD

    F*** Apple, the silly bastards keep sending me round in bloody circles, I've a bloody good mind to get a PC.
  10. Eric Jervis

    How to uninstall AfD

    I'll give it a try, and thanks!
  11. Eric Jervis

    How to uninstall AfD

    Thanks very much v_kyr, just done that. Will I now be able to download it from the app store?
  12. I installed AfD on my new machine by copying it to a pen drive from the Applications folder on my old Mac, then from the pen drive to the applications folder on the new one. It worked fine for a while then went haywire. I was rather naughty but I was in a hurry! How can I uninstall it and reinstall it the correct way?
  13. When setting text on a path with the artistic text tool my lower case e is half the size of the other characters i.e. if I'm setting in 72 point the l/c e is only 36 point. If I keep my finger on the e key and insert an acute accent all is well, but if I then delete the é and type an ordinary e its tiny again. Help!

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