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Exporting to JPEG or PNG results in low quality

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The title already tells most of the problem I have. When I export my file to JPEG or PDF, it's quality get very low. I've already tried to switch the resample option to Bicubic or Lanczos, which didn't give me that much of a better result unfortunately. However, when I export the file to PDF, the quality is stunning. 

I've also tried to change the document settings from 72dpi to 300dpi, which also didn't give me any other results. Could anyone please help me out here?

Below I've added an attachment to show you guys what I end up with.

Thanks in advance!

banken stalen-300dpi.jpg

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Hi Mathijsz and Welcome to the Forums,

Can you attach the .afphoto or .afdesign file for this and i'll look into the issue.

I suspect this may have been made in Designer using vector objects and then exporting out as a PNG or JPG is rasterizing some parts/all of of the design.  Exporting as PDF will keep the objects as vector.  I could of course be wrong, so will need the file to confirm if that is the case or not.

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Hi Mathijsz,

As expected, it's being rasterized on export when going exporting as a PNG/JPG and you can't really do much to improve the quality of the export. 

PDF retains everything as vector.  You should also get the same results as the PDF export if you export to SVG/EPS. 

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