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Text style names spacing issue in studios

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Here are a couple of spacing issues when the interface text size is set to large.


In the Paragraph studio, the drop down menu that says "Body" overlaps the subsection below it:



In the Text Styles studio, the name of the style for currently selected text does not have enough space for descenders (Here "Body" looks like "Bodv").


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From the changelog on


Text Panels / Text Style Editor
- Tidied Paragraph style dropdown drawing on Mac
- Text Styles Panel fixed to display description fully

I take it that these two fixes refer to my two screenshots above. The spacing as shown in my first screenshot has been resolved in 128. The second (where "body" looks like "bodv") still appears exactly as the screenshot. Note that I have "Font UI Size" set to large in the preferences; this is a Mac without retina display.

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