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Text direction is fixed relative to Shape frame orientation

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I've come up against this in Publisher Beta, but I checked and Designer is the same.

I want to have a Callout Ellipse with text in it.  I want the callout ellipse below the object it is pointing to.

The adjustment handle for the position of the pointer moves along a straight horizontal line at the bottom of the ellipse.  There is no way to move the pointer around the ellipse to point it upwards.

So I have to change the orientation of the callout ellipse.  I can do that by rotating it manually using the rotation handle, or I can flip it about a horizontal axis using the flip icon in the toolbar.  In both cases the text re-orientates with it.  It is not possible to specify the text orientation separately from the shape it is in.

I suppose this is not so important for a symmetrical shape, or a shape than can be fully adjusted independent of its orientation.  But it is significant for a shape like the callout ellipse, which can't be full adjusted independent of its orientation.

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Win10(1903)Home / Photo / Designer / Publisher & latest (beta) versions

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