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DNG color problem in develop persona

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I write cause I have a painful time trying to get the colors right from a DNG file.|

The DNR file was made using an Android Smartphone - Nokia 7 Plus - with Adobe Lightroom CC android app - it has a camera option with DNG save.

I use windows 10 and default picture browser, I have installed Adobe drivers for DNG file.
When I open the file in the picture browser it has the right colors - very close to the actual ones.
When I open the same file in Affinity Photo I get them wrong. It's subtle (or not so subtle in the example I give) but it is/ And it's not a uniform shift (I suppose) and I can't get them fixed, neither by white balance or channel mixing. I tried to decrease blue channel and it worked on a part of the image but rest of the image was off. I try tonal curve for blue channel but it's painful and I can't get it right.

On the attached image you can see the difference. The right side is the more correct version, the left side is affinity photo - develop persona - I just moved the saturation all the way up to show the problem. Both images are the same file - just open in two different applications.

Please, I need help! I wish I could get the colors right!

EDIT: Ugh... in reality it's even more turquoise. I know that things may be off because of the monitor calibration but still I have hard time get it right.



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Both Snapseed (Android) and Lightroom CC (Android) open the color correctly. I might try later to use Adobe DNG Converter to extract RAW file if possible and check if Affinity Photo can handle that one without color shift.

RawTherapee also has no problems opening the picture with right colors. As with DNG Converter - I might try later to make some workaround step to prepare the image earlier in RawTherapee and continue in Affinity but would prefer to be able to do all the work in Affinity Photo.

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