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Precise placement and sizing of EPS images

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I need to place series of EPS files as images very precisely as the pages of a sheet music publication. The sizing bar is too imprecise for this purpose and not all EPS images are the same size of have bits "hanging off the edges", so using the basic fitting in a constant frame size is not an option. In addition, the programme chops off bits of the sides of the EPS when it is placed in the frame and takes the automatic size and position.

A numerical setting for the slide bar would solve the problem, as there is one constant measure value - the length of the bar line. As long as this can be kept constant, the images have the same magnification value.

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Hi Orchrist,

Sorry for the delay in replying. Is there a reason why you cannot type numbers into the transform panel? this is how precise work is done in all Affinity applications (Make sure W and H are linked and it will be done in proportion.

Patrick Connor
Serif (Europe) Ltd.

Latest releases on each platform 

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