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Fill Frame Proportionately; Place Docx and Other Text files into pub document

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Hi I'm a graphic designer and use extensively InDesign.  I therefore need to be able to place a photo into a publisher doc - and be able to fit image proportionately and all the other ways that InDesign has.

I need to be able to place text from doc, docx and txt.  

Etc. I was hoping for great things with Publisher and hoped that it would match InDesign.  I am a Mac user.

Also, I really wish that Affinity Designer had a curved pen tool and an image trace, if you had this I would use that program all the time, as it is I have had to get Illustrator back, which is terrible as it all costs a fortune and I am a volunteer!  Designer is good, but Illustrator is better.


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Hi valerie1,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Regarding placing a photo, you can place it as an Image layer using the Place Image Tool or using the Picture Frame Tool which gives you a few more scaling options (check the Properties button in the context toolbar with a picture frame selected). Check this video tutorial for more details.

Currently docx/doc files are not supported. To insert text from .txt or .rtf files create a text frame then go to menu Text ▸ Insert Text from File....

Affinity Publisher is an application being developed from scratch. It will take a few years to match InDesign functionality which is being developed for quite some time.
Note: I moved this thread to the Discussions and Suggestions for Affinity Publisher Beta on Desktop section as there's no bug reports to track/follow here but improvement requests.

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I need to place and edit text and it is almost always going to arrive in a docx file. I know this ie Beta, but shall I just go away until support has been added for Word documents? I mean, seriously, who ever uses rtf for more than a few words lifted from the 'net?

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Yes Paul Martin I agree - its not looking good I'm afraid, I am gonna have to continue with InDesign, its already cost me a fortune over the years but I daren't leave it now!!  I will need to text flow multiple docx pages, insert photos and expect it to text wrap properly, all the usual stuff you do with ID.  I am not spending any more time with it I will download a trial when the beta is completed.



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