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2 requests for: GUI & symbols

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  • A lot of drop-downs/popover GUIs sound an alert and flash the screen (as per the OS X accessibility option) when I press ESC. Examples: font size dropdown, text justification dropdown, . This is not the correct behavior, as this error normally means "invalid input". In this case I'm pressing the escape key to cancel and close the GUI element.
  • Some GUIs don't do this, but instead cause my object selection to be cleared. Examples: stroke settings popover.
  • Some GUIs correctly respond by closing without an error and without clearing my selection. Examples: font family & font face dropdowns, color selection popovers.
  • The gradient settings panel specifically ignores ESC altogether.

Please make the GUIs respond to keyboard input consistently!

My second request is simple: the symbols sync on/off button is a global toggle. Please add it to the menus (under Edit) so I can bind a shortcut to it!

Thanks! :80_smile_cat:

Complete Affinity suite; Mac 10.9; kbd & mouse; casual user since 2014.

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