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Previews in Finder but not Icloud drive>affinityphoto

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Some of my exported images from Affinity Photo show with a preview image in Icloud/affinity photo and some do not.  The previews are available with the Finder tab on the Mac and the file finder on the PC.  The images can be uploaded from the Icloud drive but they cannot be previewed.  All formats are affected.  Help would be appreciated.


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Hi damnf and Welcome to the Forums,

Which app are you not seeing the Preview in?

The files that don't show a preview for me in Finder when viewing my iCloud are .afphoto files unless i enable the option under Preferences>General>Save thumbnails with documents.  Then any saved .afphoto files display a preview.  Standard image types like JPG and RAW files are displaying previews as well.


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