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Hey all, 


Wondering if you can help me. I've just purchased affinity and am still try to figure it out.  :) I'm trying to export .png slices at 300dpi. I have my document setup at 300dpi, but when I export the png slices they are coming up as 72dpi. What am I doing wrong? 


Thanks for any help!! 

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Hello ktbundy,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Are you using the Mac App Store version?

There was a bug that prevented the files to be exported at the document resolution. This was aleady fixed in the Betas, but it will only be available in the Mac App Store version in the next update (in a couple weeks).

Meanwhile if you want to try the Beta you can get it here. Just remember to keep the MAS version installed (so you can use the beta without time restrictions) and that files created or saved with the Beta cannot be opened in the MAS version until the next update (since we improved the file format too and they are not compatible).

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