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Downloaded the software to desktop. Tried running from desktop. Only thing that happened was a symbol in the middle of the screen with the word Affinity and three symbols - the last the close one. Running Windows 10. Dell Laptop with C:\ as SSD and D:\ a HD. Tried rebooting, and then trying to run again - nothing happened apart from above. Tried running as administrator - again nothing. No listing of Serif or Affinity in the programme listing on the Control Panel. No folders for Serif or Affinity in the two Programme folders on the C:\.

Hope that this helps.


Affinity on Desktop.png

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Hi JohnYorke

Are you able to run the installation .exe and to some form of repair or uninstall and then try and re-install?. There is also a tool from Microsoft you can run with solves problems preventing installs and uninstalls that might be worth trying

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