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Can you please add support for Bibliography and Reference Tools like JabRef, Zotero and Medeley?
That way we can actually drop Words or other word prosessors for writing and go stright to Publisher to do all our work for books and reports that need references and bibliographies...

Would be great...

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This would certainly be neat, but there are already a number of programs available that support this well – e.g. Overleaf v2 is coming out on 4 September, Scrivener can do reference management, and Pandoc has a great bibliography system. Leave Affinity Publisher to do your typesetting once everything is written.

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This is not anymore than a good way to handle Footnotes/Endnotes and get the formating of those correct, without having to use 2-3-4 different software with different GUI to do the job for you.
I know about Scriviner, I know Zotero, JABREF, Medeley and more have add-ons/plugins for Word, Libre Office and that there are workarounds to get Zotero work with Scriviner...

But if you want to use your DTP to make books, i.e. as me with both design and references, it would be much better to have this thing in the DTP, because it will be where you actualle write your words, instead of writing everything in Word, LibreOffice or Scrivener, you can write all of it in one place, and still have a good reference management, including footnotes and endnotes, to copy this kind of formated text/strings from i.e. Words to a DTP, it makes a mess, links and formats get broken and the job reformating is way more than the job of writing it in the first place...

And if you i.e. writes in a 3 columns format, if you try to get either plain written text or the 3 columns format from another word/text editor, all formats are still messed up, and then add the formats of the references... that will be a lot of extra work...

And I see lots of other comments in the forum wanting Fottnotes/Endnotes,, to add support for add-ons/plug-ins for Reference Tools will be a very little extra, but a huge help for thos in need.

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