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Forgive me but I feel this needs to be said. Again.  You guys really should make the copy and paste function more intuitive and easier to use when  using AD.

I spent an hour trying to copy and paste a selection of an image. I did --FINALLY - after going on google and researching how to make a copy of selection of an image. It was a complete waste of my time. I lost over an hour of work time just trying to get an image portion pasted.  I should not, in a software program, have to continue to raster EVERY IMAGE Layer just to make a copy and paste. I should be able to just select a layer, ANY LAYER, make a selection and copy and paste that single selection or a group thru the layers selection and paste that.

Almost every drawing program on the market is that intuitive, including Photoshop.  I noticed that there are a lot of issues with users, both experienced and new, having this same issue with the software, and is really a stopping point of the creative process. Having to stop  the creative flow to research why you can't copy and paste a selection is a time waster.  I know there are ways around this issue as a programmer.

Can your software developer write a code where when you make a selection, then select copy that it automatically rasterizes the image layer for user in the background and then when you select paste, viola, it pastes as an exact duplicate?  I know coding can be difficult as I have worked with many developers on software projects, but this should be a small coding change that would take AD further than any other program.

Just my thoughts on the copy and paste issue.


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