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Up to now I have been creating a vector pattern in a drawing area and then pasting, duplicating, moving, etc. to spread the pattern over a larger area. Is there a faster way to create such a small sized pattern over a large area? I have been using the Affinity Designer Pattern Template to try to do this, but it only exports the single pattern I created. However, the pattern is spread over the entire preview area. I am not sure if the Affinity Designer Pattern Template is actually part of AD or is simply created by an user.

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Merci bien, reglico! Your video was very helpful. I still have not achieved my goal. Perhaps I can explain what I am doing. Your help is much appreciated. I speak and read French, but dare not write for fear of mistakes. Perhaps English is required in this forum. I am not sure.

1. Goal: To have a pattern for sands on a map I have created for printing. I prefer the clarity in the pattern as an SVG and not a bitmap or raster. Perhaps SVGs do not work the same here as bitmap or raster.

2. Sands pattern: Here is the pattern I have created.


3. My trials: I have exported this pattern in various formats (png, jpg, svg). Then I open these in Affinity Designer (AD) and use the method in your video to try to achieve the result that you show. I succeed in manipulating the appearance of the pattern but not in repeating it as shown in your video. Here is what I see you did.

a. You begin with a fill in the new AD document you created and then apply a style to this fill. 

b. After choosing the Fill tool, Répéter appears in the Context Tool bar, (but for me it never appears) and you proceed.

c. With Constrain x/y on you you then can manipulate the repeat of the pattern (but I have never reached this point).

4. Questions:

a. Once I have created the pattern in the "Drawing Area" (above), how do I proceed? I have simply exported in a chosen format.

b. Can I open my exported document in a new file and proceed, or must I make it a Style, as you have?

c. Why do you think that the Répéter function does not appear in my Context Menu? I do not see it anywhere in AD. It should say "Repeat" or "Duplicate" in my English AD.



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Hello Jim,

Did you create a "Style" with the design you drew?
To create the style, you can "Place" in your document the.png file you exported, convert it to curves ("Layer", "Convert to Curves"). In the "Styles" tab of the studio, expand the "Hamburger" to the right of the tabs and choose "Add Style from Selection". Your design is added as style. You can then apply it to new forms using the GIF method of my first message. Note that "Adjustment" in the English version is named "Wrap" and not "Repeat" or "Duplicate". It is the top button (Wrap) that must be used and not "Repeat" to repeat the filling.


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