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So using the Solidify filter plugins from the Flaming Pear Software is essential for my texture work. Currently they are crashing Affinity Photo as soon as they are applied. I can see the correct results in the canvas sometimes before it crashes. I saw this issue being raised in the forum like 2 years ago and it seems there wasn't any development that made it possible to use said plugins. 

So any advice on achieving the same results without using Solidify B? Would Serif be interested in integrating such filters or is anyone else working on developing a working plugin?

Below are the plugins if anyone wants to check 'em out


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Hi Sarper,

Can you try unlocking the layer (if background layer) making a selection and then running the plugin.  That worked for me and didn't cause a crash.  Without making a selection, i also get a crash

While we aim to improve plugin support as and when we can, we can't give any timeframe on when and some work may be needed on the plugin side of things.

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