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Transforming text (not individual letters but entire words)

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Hi guys,


First time posting here..I did a search first but did not find exactly what I am looking for.  


I know there are many admins from the Affinity Designer team on the forums so kudos to you for an awesome app!  I am doing my best to replace the Ado83 apps on my computer once and for all :)


Ok, my question.  I am doing a logo with some text in it and trying to skew the entire word at once to change the perspective.  I can convert to curves and group/ungroup the letters allowing me to manipulate each individual letter but can't seem to figure out how to transform them as a group.  I'm sure it is something simple that I am overlooking so please forgive my ignorance.  I am attaching a .png I created in another app (I'll leave unnamed ;)) so you can see the basic effect I am looking to do in AD.


Thanks in advance for the help!  Once I get used to the interface and tools I look forward to solely using Affinity Designer for all my graphic needs.



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  • Staff

Hello ChadStyle,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Currently there's no warp/perspective distortion tools to distort the text directly. Both are already on our roadmap to be implemented later. The only way to create that type of distortions is to do it manually or using some creative workarounds.

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Thank you for your reply.. bummer man.  I look forward to these features being implemented.  I have already watched the tutorials on how to place text on a path but unfortunately that won't work in this situation.  


Best always,



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Well you are doing a great job!  AD is the first program I have ever come across that could potentially replace what I currently use and the pricing is fantastic.  I have already spread the word to my designer friends that use the program both casually and for work and can think of 7 or 8 that have purchased the program after me raving about it.  I'll keep spreading the word and you keep adding features..deal?  ;)

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You can bet on that ;)  

By any chance, have you checked Affinity Designer's roadmap?

No, I haven't..but I will now.  Thank you!


Any other helpful links you can point me towards?  I am a fast learner and tutorials are fantastic because doing stuff hands-on is always the best way to learn something new.  I liked the Pumpkin Tutorial (not because I like pumpkins ;) ) because it got me in the habit of using existing shapes, converting to curves, then modifying from there.  I have always just used the pen tool to create my own but this is faster and better for many situations.  


Despite the awesome community and great members who contribute, it is still small and growing so many questions I have still haven't been addressed.  It will get there I am sure but in the mean time I am reading and watching as much as possible in the little free time I have.  Wish someone would write an "Affinity Designer for Dummies" book!


Again, thank you!  You have been very helpful!



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