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Scaling tool for surface Pattern Design

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Hello I use Affinity Designer and Photo everyday. I know a lot of people use this for various of reason, however I do a lot of pattern design in Affinity a design but would like to request a specific tool such as a resizing or scaling tool for your elements, or even like Illustrator . I am aware of the symbol tool but it’s not effective in resizing to creating you digital scrapbooking pattern paper and I have used the bitmap tool which is also ineffective. What most designers are looking for is a tool that works like the tool in Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It is called the offset tool  or pattern which lets you offset and scale your final pattern .  It works like this, you make you elements or clean up your scanned elements, place them and resize the elements to create your pattern, next you save or define your pattern,  create a new document 12 by 12 , choose you previous created pattern-then resize by selecting exact size , moving the sliders to a percent, helping you to create a perfect seamless pattern. illustator has a patttern tool and a way to scale and resize your final patterns too, I tried the offset  Affine tool in Affinity Photo but it does not give you seamless patterns. Udemy has an excellent course on pattern making  in Designer but fragments are left using various methods including the symbols sometimes. I just would like to resize and scale the size of my pattern  after I make a pattern ,for example 1000 pix by 1000 px,  then make a new document size 3600 by 3600 but am unable to resize the size of the elements inside the pattern of the whole pattern itself, bitmap does not do the job either. I see the roadmap for vectorizing hand drawn objects are still there but I think going forward since pattern making is a career for designers this could be added or just tweaked, a tool to resizethe entire project, after making your final pattern, which usually make a beautiful seamless, tiled, and cohesive pattern. Skillshare offers an Affinity Designer  pattern course but  half drop repeats are a nightmare , the graphic designer said that this area could really be improved, because so many have to convert back to using Illustrator to get the effect.






Lisa Hawkins

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I notice this has been posted several months ago, but no replies.. I would also like to request this feature since it's essential and basic for most graphic designer having the need to create patterns. Unfortunately this is really clumsy to do in AD right now. I love designer but am dying for it to be sufficient enough to replace Illustrator altogether so there wouldn't be any need to use AI or to find tedious workarounds in Affinity.

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