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Chosen Brush library should remain the same when you change personas

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I use Affinity Photo on iPad pro for painting, and I like how fast and robust it is

It could however be improved in terms of practicality, like, when you use selection tools, and you want to transform that selected part, you have to exit the selection persona and go to the main one, then select the transform tool,. I would love it if there is a transform tool within selection persona. 

Things like that will really improve the practicality

Anyway my main question here is , let's say i'm using the Texture brush category, then I go to the liquify persona for example to do some changes, then when I go back to the main persona, the brush category is reset back to the first category, not the Texture one, the one that was selected previous to changing persona

Please make the brush library remain the same as the user selected.

This will save a lot of clicks and frustrations 


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That is probably among the first things I noticed about Affinity Photo when I first tried to use it.  The tool I need, is not available in the particular persona so I needed to change personas to get that tool.  And if I remember, I had to dig into one of the drop down menus on the top left to find the option I needed.  It was a lot of steps.

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