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Publisher - Layout/Export Options for online publications

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I'm really hoping these two options will be included in Publisher:
• A layout template for online publications - adaptable and responsive to various mobile devices
• An Export feature that will easily allow multiple types of options - ePub, pdf, iBook, Kindle etc from the one original layout

The last "Real" Page Layout program I used was (years ago) Ready, Set Go (also known as Design Studio at one time). It was a powerful app that allowed me to produce both single page product as well as larger 200+ page manuals.annuals. It's learning curve was so much better than either of the big two at the time (Quark, Pagemaker) and visually it was easier to use as well.

From what I have seen so far in your teaser screens I can now say I am now looking forward to the release of Publisher more than ever... and anticipate being one of the early Beta testers.

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