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Hi there, I am following the official tutorials and they say gradients are also automatically filled in recent color menu too, not only the solid ones.

But in my palette there are only solid colors are automatically filled, like screenshot i’ve attached. Am I doing something wrong?


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Hi hyethyet,

Which tutorial was it?  I've just watched a couple and didn't catch the part about recent colours, but it's possible i missed it in the busy/noisy office.  Once you've applied a gradient to a shape, if you tap off the selected shape and then draw another out, it will be filled with the same gradient and then it will show in recent colours as the gradient.  Until that point, you are setting the colour on either end of the gradient, so there isn't a recent gradient to show and will just show the single colours used in Recent colours, until you deselect the object and draw out another shape.  It's the same behaviour as the Desktop version of Designer.  

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