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Affinity photo iPad - D750 .NEF thumbnails not visible when importing

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This is a weird problem I have when working with Affinity photo in my iPad; I don't think it is a bug, therefore I place this here, but if you think it should be posted in any other category please feel free to move it ;-)

The problem: When I try to import from cloud a .NEF file taken with my Nikon D750 the thumbnail is a white box, making it thus pretty difficult to select the picture I want to work with.

But if I try it with .NEF files from a D700 the thumbnail is visible and I can easily select the picture I want.

May be I need to do an upgrade of any kind in either the iPad or Affinity?


many thanks


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Hi maguisan :)

May I ask which cloud service you are using? I've uploaded a .NEF file from the D750 to our Dropbox account, and when importing from cloud on the iPad I can see a prievew of the image before opening. However the same image uploaded to our iCloud drive shows as the white box thumbnail.

I've opened the Files app on the iPad and the same is the case here, the thumbnail loads correctly in the Dropbox location, but not in iCloud. This leads me to believe this is a limitation with Apple iOS and not Affinity Photo. However the RAW file is compatible with Apples engine (see here) so I am a little unsure why this is the case!

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Hi Dan, many thanks for your quick answer; I transfer the file from a pendrive to the iCloud storage in the iPad, so it is basically the case as you describe it :-(

I have not uddated to v12 yet, so I cross my fingers and hope this afternoon it will be solved. I will update as soon as I have news, however it seems weird for since apple includes this camera in their list of supported cameras for v11...

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No problem at all, sorry I couldn't help further!

Do let us know, although bear in mind that Affinity Photo has not been patched to iOS12 yet, so you may experience some differences in the apps behaviour during the iOS beta stage :) 

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