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Affinity Suite's biggest woe

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As someone who has used Photoshop extensively and had been complaining about its clunkiness, Affinity Photo (And Designer no less) was a welcomed breath of fresh air. I have been a vocal supporter of the Adobe To Affinity migration ever since I started using product. It runs like butter. It feels like made by designers as advertised.

However, one can't help but feel an overwhelming disappointment, if not a bit of humiliation when talking about Affinity to other designers when they pop the question "does it support Right To Left Languages."

I live in the UAE; a majority of the designers and artists that work here are Indians, many of whom barely speak a scrab of Arabic, let alone know how to read the language, and yet their biggest concern is being able to go RTL because the market demands it and its kind of awkward when speaking to a client why a simple copy/paste procedure doesn't always work for them

When I expanded my work to FNB menu designs,  that's when it hit me hard the most. The amount of time spent to implement these insane work arounds just to get arabic written properly on an AF file made me see their point.

Any designer worth his salt will know that his main job is to communicate a message; if I'm indeed speaking to designers involved in developing this product, I'll begin my extending my utmost respect to a fine product you guys have going. But I can't help but ask: if we're here to communicate messages through visuals, how can something as crucial as Right-To-Left language support be placed so far down the priority list?! Arabs amount to almost 386 million and the language stands in the top 5 most spoken in the world. 

This goes without mentioning Hebrew/Cyrillic/Azeri...

I mean no disrespect, but I just needed to convey my frustration. I won't pretend to understand how hard development is.

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Coming back to this:

Does anyone know of a  windows APP that could assist me in RTL? I use some websites online, but I can't find something that I can install locally to do the same function.


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Greetings of the day!!!


Some time I need to work with Bengali & Devnagari Open type font (L to R, but Serif still does not support Indic Script). At that time I use sK1 ( A free vector Application with CMYK support) for type and export the text in curve mode through PDF and import in AD.


Sk1 : https://sk1project.net/


Serif Software user since 2008 | Not an active forum user since July 4, 2019 after getting a nice response from Developer.

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