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Affinity DAM Feature Requests

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I have been searching endless, and in vain, to find the perfect Digital Asset Management solution.

I am a massive fan of Serif products and have been from way before Affinity, but I am in desperate need of this promised product.

In addition to already existing great products (PhotoMechanic for speed of ingesting files, Clarifai for auto tagging, Photos / Apeture (though discontinued) for Asset organisation, etc) there are some other features I would hope for


create stacks of images - each stack to have a right click function of 'create focus merge, create HDR merge, create panorama' straight into Affinity Photo


Auto tagging / keywords.  this has come a long way in recent years and would save SOOO much time - i would also be willing to pay a SMALL monthly subscription for such a service.

Structured keywords - with ready made structures


And should Serif be short on Beta testers - pick me (please)

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I share your pain.  If only Photo had DAM, then Affinity Photo would be all I needed.  Well, not quite - I would still need better printing functionality.  So I still need to use Corel Paint Shop Pro for the things that AP lacks (having dropped Adobe).  

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