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As a new user of Affinity Photo I'm very impressed with it. Coming from Adobe CC and having to end my subscription there, I'm happy you're creating such a great program.


Now, I'm fiddling with some anaglyph images, creating depth maps in Affinity Photo and want to displace a 2D image with the depth map. Problem for me is that the displace filter displaces evenly on both the X and Y axis and I need only to displace on the X axis for the anaglyph image to work. I would love to have the opportunity to select on which axis I want to displace and the amount instead of just one setting for all. 


Would that be possible to add in a future update?


Thank you!


Michael Englyst

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I too would very much like the ability to display only in X or Y, and not just for 3D imagery. I've found it a very useful feature for creating certain effects, particularly reflections on uneven surfaces (like oceans for example). 

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Also it should be noted that the displace filter in Affinity doesn't behave like Photoshop/After Effects. It doesn't displace things based on luminance, but rather it seems to look for edges/areas of contrast. If you have a smooth black to white gradient as your map you'll get next to no displacement at all.

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