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Iam trying macro in affinity photo to make iPhone designs using mock-up, please help me out for placing image and resizing the design. 


Something like this https://youtu.be/lWgF4uSkCR4


I am using affinity phote cause I have created mock-up and I get best out it in affinity photo.



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Hi vinay,

Welcome to the forums!

Having watched this specific tutorial, most of what the user does in Photoshop is replicable in Affinity but unfortunately we don't currently have a bulk processing (Scripts> Image Processing in PS) in Affinity.
I'd recommend creating your template, placing the design image in your document and then creating a macro to wrap and shade the design. You can then export this final product and repeat the procedure with a new design against the templates, this time running the macro rather than manually applying the adjustments. I hope this helps.

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