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[AP] Merge the function of Develop and Tone Mapping persona

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The feature of these two personas are actually pretty similar, just that the former one is for raw photo while the latter one is for 32bit HDR. (At least that's what I'm assuming that they are for).


Not gonna make the full comparison, but at least my common sense would be, OpenEXR is the "raw" format for 3D rendering, and I would use Affinity Photo to "develop" it into the final result. It does contain the accurate color value anyway. Therefore, it feels weird that when I use the Develop persona, it would treat the pic as a badly-developed photo rather than a RAW image. 


Therefore, I'd say that maybe the two personas could just be one instead. This might cut down some confusion when dealing with OpenEXR files, and might help camera RAW photo processing a bit as well: everything is converted losslessly into 32-bit, and then the whole workflow can become 32-bit without any additional cost (except performance and memory), which could make live filters producing better result. (Giving that live filters work in 32-bit internally).

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