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Little Things ... Large Effects

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Sometimes it's the  little things that show some real world thought went into software. Here are some of the nice OEM items I've found and some things that I've managed to work around to make it all fit my personal comfort zone a little better.

* Set the Mouse Wheel to expand or shrink your image on screen. So easy and feels so natural.   Find it in EDIT - PREFERENCES - TOOLS - "use mouse wheel to zoom" ......Click it.

* Dividing lines for the left side Tools Panel allow arranging the tools into logical categories, making them easier to find. The VIEW - CUSTOMIZE TOOLS opens up all of the available tools. Way down at bottom,  the very last entry is an almost invisible separator bar. Drag and drop them liberally onto the Tool Panel and then add and sort all of your commonly used tools between, them as desired.

* While you're in the customize tools menu...... if you divide the tool panel into 2 or more columns and you get the added bonus of a second "foreground /background color" selector location at the bottom left side of the screen. I'm currently using 4 columns here. It lets me group my tools laterally for much easier visual location. All my selection tools are now side by side, in two rows, while all of my repair tools are all in two rows, below a separator bar. Rinse and repeat for all the different tool categories.

* The Library Panel felt a bit crowded to me (OK.... maybe I'm a little OCD).  I created several empty categories named "------------------------------" and then I moved them around so they nestled nicely between the real categories, functioning as separators. Less crowding and they give me immediate and easy to see visual cues as to where my macros end and the next category begins.

* When creating a macro, there are currently no provisions for making annotations normally used to share with other users any required values or settings. When I'm working, I label my Layers with any needed information. Something like: "Super Focusing Layer - 50% OPACITY (adjustable) Blend = OVERLAY"  You can't see all of that on the layer panel tab, but hover the mouse over a layer and its all right there for you. It also adds the information to the macro recording, should you want to explore exactly how things went down.
I'll be making some suggestions for the Macro tools, in the near future. It already works "OK" but a couple of small functionality changes could make it far more user frendly.


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